Face-Tek Kiosk

        Face-Tek Kiosk , offers a robust and stylish access point for the integration of Face-Tek Access Control System.

        It is also built to a very high standard, offering a reliable and strong protection to encased Face-Tek Access Control System.

         In spite of its strong metal case, it allows a very convenient access point based on face verification or identification.

          It incorporates a 15” touch screen, IPC, proximity card reader, pinhole camera and speakers that work as integrated system to provide secure access to offices, clubs, labs and other buildings.


Face-Tek Kiosk Specifications

Case Size

  Case Size Detail

   Body : Coated Metal

   Frame : Stainless steel



Industrial computer

   Size & Weight:275 mm×365 mm×115 mm, 5 Kg

   Operation Temperature:10~35℃

   Operation Humidity:30%~80% RH

   Power:AC100V~AC240V 1Φ150W 50-60HZ

   CPU:Industrial Pentium 4 2.4 GHz or above

   Memory:512 MB DDR SDRAM

   Hard-Drive:40 GB 7200rpm or above

   OS:Windows XP Professional

   LAN:10/100 MB Ethernet RJ–45 X 1

   USB:USB 2.0 Port X 4


   I/O:Input x 4, Output x 4

   Capture Card:4 Channel, VG4C–RT4 Card


Touch Panel


               1Φ35W 60–50HZ

   Type:Industrial Capacitive Touch Screen 15’

               LCD Monitor, 5Kg

   Operated Temp: 10~35 ℃

   Operated Humidity:30%~80% RH

   Size:380 mm × 288 mm × 50 mm



  Type:5W~10W 8Ω speaker × 2
             (also work with amplifier)

   Size:120 mm × 50 mm


Proximity Reader

  Type:RFID Card Reader




  Type:Pinhole Camera

   Sensor:1/4’’ CCD image sensor

   Power:12V DC, 110 mA

   Weight:50 g

   Scanning :2:1 interlace

   Resolution:More than 380 lines

   Sensitivity:1 Lux

   S/N ratio:More than 48 Db

   White Balance:Auto

   Auto Gain Control:Auto


   Mount Lens:3.6mm F2.0

   Video Output:1 Vpp, 75 Ohms

   Output Signal:NTSC / PAL

   Operating Temperature:-10~50℃