NotiFace II -- Face Recognition Surveillance System
NotiFace II scans faces in crowds of people and analyses their face biometric features to identify a known individual....more

Face-Tek Matrix Keeper
Face-Tek Matrix Keeper Entrance Controller System (FTMK) is the next generation of face recognition and access control system. This revolutionary device combines the infra-red illuminated cameras and DSP system. The proprietary IR LED matrix provides stable and gentle lighting that solves environmental lighting issues commonly associated with face recognition system. FTMK enables you to have 24/7 operation security and ease of use, day or night....more

Face-Tek Access Control System
Compared with traditional access control methods, face recognition not only performs more effectively but also eliminates the cost associated with ID cards. Face recognition technology is more acceptable due to its non-intrusive or non-contact natures. You will find the advantages especially when your hands are busy to show your ID cards or pressing keypads enter password...more

Face-Tek Reader
Face-Tek controls access to different parts of a building while strengthening overall security. 2 CCD cameras are integrated to account the height of users and LCD screen offers a quick and easy user positioning for simple use and rapid authentication in under 1 second....more

Face-Tek Kiosk
Face-Tek Kiosk offers a robust and stylish access point for the integration of Face-Tek Entrance Control System. It is also built to a very high standard, offering a reliable and strong protection to encased Entrance Control System...more

ClientFace VIP Identification System
Every customer wants to be seen as individuals, feel special and feel respected. Being able to remember names is a valuable asset in business. It helps you build instant rapport with your customers. A well known strategy that contributes to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty is to recognize customers' faces and names....more

Face Recognition Login Control System
More and more people store up their personal or business information in computer. However, with the trend of increasing number of identify thefts, conventional way of using ID and password to protect access to computer is now not effective ...more