2007-11-22 Face-Tek at Homeland Security Expo, Taiwan


  Face-Tek at Homeland Security Expo, Taiwan

HLS Expo, Taiwan, is a government-level security fair that is supported by most governmental authorities and national agencies. It is held due to the national annual plans and the trend of global anti-terrorism cooperation.
The objective of HLS Expo is to place the field suppliers together at a single platform thus offering a one-stop venue for local official buyers to take look and learn about overall police/military/law-enforcement related system products and equipments.

HSL Expo puts together a number of manufacturers of new technologically advanced security products. In this occasion, one of the highlights is the biometric products presented by Face-Tek Technology.
Based on face recognition technology, Face-Tek introduces 2 new products, i.e. The Face-Tek Reader for access control and Notiface II Intelligent Face Searching and Recognition System. Face-Tek Access Control System enhances access security with fast, non-contact and user friendly Face-Tek Reader. While Notiface II is an effective tool to perform face scanning to identify both blacklisted persons and VIPs.

* HLS Expo 2007 Date:Nov.13-15 NTUH International Convention Center