Face-Tek Reader

Face-Tek controls access to different parts of a building while strengthening overall security. 2 CCD cameras are integrated to account the height of users and LCD screen offers a quick and easy user positioning for simple use and rapid authentication in under 1 second.


Face-Tek Reader integrated with Face-Tek Identification System, offers a secured yet convenient access without the need for proximity card or password.


Integrated with Face-Tek Verification System ,Face-Tek Reader verifies the ID and face biometrics of users before granting access, strengthening access control with its 2 tier verification process.


  Face-Tek Reader Specifications



AC 100-240/12VDC 3A max (36 watt max)

Verification (1:1) Time

< 1 second

Identification (1:N) Time

< 1 second

Recognition Distance


Card Reader

RFID or EM card, interface: RS-232 or RS-485


LCD monitor (5.7’’), speaker (2 watt)


2 CCD cameras, adjustable vertical angle 30

Monitor input

Standard VGA (15 pin)


210 x 370 x 45 mm


1 kg


Indoor use only