2007-05-04 German Casinos Secure Face Recognition Solution


German Casinos Secure Face Recognition Solution    


        BOCHUM AND JENA, GERMANY & PALM BEACH GARDENS, FLA.,  Casino Esplanade, Spielbank Hamburg's new casino in Hamburg, Germany, has deployed face recognition system to ensure the safety and control of casino visitors.



        The face recognition identification system examines each visitor individually without direct physical interaction. Special video cameras gather the facial data of every guest as each enters the casino and matches the scan with a database to identify potential threats. Banned gamblers are routinely denied access to the casino, which also acts as a public deterrent to suspect visitors, promoting the safety of the casino's guests.


        "Implementing biometrics has made Casino Esplanade substantially safer, in addition to helping us identify banned gamblers more quickly," said Otto Wulferding, managing director of Spielbank Hamburg. "Face recognition technology provides us a level of control that we need, while at the same time giving as much freedom as possible to all of our guests. The system makes other inspections, which may be considered an invasion of privacy, virtually unnecessary."


        Three years ago, Spielbank Hamburg was the first German casino to install the face recognition system. Today, it's the leading technology used in each of the country's casinos, including those in Baden-Wurttemberg and Saxony. Unlike initiatives where supervisory personnel exclusively monitor for potential threats and banned gamblers, biometric facial identification systems operate without fatigue or stress, and maintain the same high standards regardless of the number of visitors.

         In addition to being used in German casinos, Germany's Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) has adopted facial recognition solution. The technology has become an integral part of BKA's unique project, Photo Search Warrant, which was initiated in October at the main railroad station in Mainz, Germany.

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