2007-04-14SecuTech Expo 2007 the 10th Asian Security Week


  SecuTech Expo 2007 the 10th Asian Security Week

  2007  April  16~18

  Hall 1, Taipei World Trade Center, Taiwan

  BoothA1313 A1315

        Security products are evolving from analog technology towards digital technology, and nowadays are further developed towards Internet Protocol (IP) solutions. As the demand for security system applications grows, a lot of big IT players are now concentrating in this market. Software companies pour in R&D to further enhance the intelligence used in monitoring & access control products.



        In line with the trend of technology advancement in security industry, this upcoming expo will exhibit the latest in intelligent security products, systems and applications. It will showcase all classes of related products made by Japan, Taiwan, Korea and China, the 4 major security product suppliers, as well as products from other European and American suppliers.        

       This gives decision makers from around the world the best opportunity to see in close up the best solutions on offer or to select potential business partners.

       With Face-Tek’s participation in the expo, attendees will have the opportunity to see live demonstration of its newly launched product, NotiFace II Intelligent Face Searching and Recognition System, as well as other applications that can be tailored for residential and commercial security requirement.