2010-05-27 Computex 2010--Matrix Keeper Fits Your Need


Matrix Keeper secures your safety and fits your need.

Face-Tek Technology has officially announced that the new product Matrix Keeper is now on the market. Matrix Keeper is a stand-alone unit of access control system, and 4 models are available for varying different marketing needs. From home to small office, even to enterprise, Matrix Keeper is the best choice as a security guardian. This new product has caught more and more buyers’ attention in the worldwide.

With its advanced face recognition technology, Face-Tek Technology is continuously developing cutting-edge Identification and Verification Systems. The Matrix Keeper is the next generation of the facial recognition access control system with dual camera and patented matrixes infra-red illuminating system, that allows Matrix Keeper to be functional even at night time. And for this, it makes Matrix Keeper achieve truly 24/7 operation. Matrix Keeper uses the DSP embedded platform to replace the IPC platform; it has greatly reduced the size, power and price. And it has greatly increased the competiveness of the FR access control system among other biometric technologies.

Other products of Face-Tek Technology also provide a high level of security by using face recognition technology, such as Access Control Systems (Face-Tek Reader, Face-Tek Kiosk, GateKeeper), and Surveillance System (NotifaceII). Face-Tek’s face-recognition products are focused attention during world’s exhibitions, and have been approved by international quality certifications. Face-Tek have also won the various international awards and astonishing achievements.

Please come to visit Face-Tek during Computex Taipei 2010 (1st - 5th of June), booth is located at H1000, Hall 1, TWTC.