2009-01-05 Face-Tek at intersec 2009




Commercial and information security, homeland security, counter terrorism and policing, disaster prevention, management and recovery, and safety and health issues have become inseparably intertwined as globalisation poses profound challenges to international security.

It is no longer only nation-states that are facing and influencing the challenges and opportunities of complex global systems: Fifty-one per cent of the top 100 global economies are companies, 300 multinational corporations account for 25 per cent of total global assets and more than 40 per cent of total world trade occurs within corporations. Also as a result of globalization and technology, individual actors can intentionally cause disruptions and inflict damage on a massive scale.





The Intersec trade show and conferences recognise these challenges and will for the 11th time bring together everyone involved in the process of improving security and safety. Show and Conference will again give the unique opportunity to meet and discuss and to gather first-hand information about state-of-the-art technologies, techniques, and services in all areas related to securing people's lives, property, information, critical infrastructure and borders.





With the participation of Face-Tek in the expo, attendees will have the opportunity to see live demonstration of its newly launched product, NotiFace II Intelligent Face Searching and Face-Tek Access control System, as well as other applications that can be tailored for residential and commercial security requirement.