2008-01-08 TV News--Wherever you go, face is the only key you need

 Face-Tek Channel


Wherever you go, face is the only key you need

Advances in technology
Do you know that face can also be used as identification key?
Many modern apartment buildings and banks have already implemented the system
With its high recognition rate , all suspects or blacklisted persons would not escape from the automatic detection and identification of face recognition technology.
Many department stores and governmental departments have already planned to use this technology.
Face-Tek Face recognition system
As cameras detect and capture a face of person, within less than a second, the system can identify whether that person is a VIP or a blacklisted person.
The system is easy to use; it can add a new record within one minute. After then, the system will provide access to the authorized users within a blink of an eye.
The system also recognizes if unknown people are trying to gain access and automatically sets off an alarm.
Face-Tek Face Recognition technology identifies facial features on a face from lower lip to eye brows.
At present, the share of "Face recognition system" in Taiwan's market is second only to "fingerprint" and it represents the largest growth rate.
With its advanced technology, Face-tek Face Recognition technology includes live-detection that prevents person using a photo to gain access.
Currently there are many mansions that have already used face recognition access control system.
More and more experts believe that in future every industry sector will be using face recognition system to enhance security.
When that time comes, face will be the only key you need.