2007-09-19Face-Tek secures Kingland Royal Mountain Villas


      The Kingland Royal Mountain Villas with its Victorian style buildings are located in Hua Cheng District.

         The villas are designed by Lewis & Hickey Ltd-Architecture London and ranked as the most expensive residential development in the district. It highlights the high quality living and privacy.

          The Kingland Royal Mountain Villas highlights the high quality living and privacy.


        Thus, as a high level security measure for the tenants, the building is equipped with Face-Tek Face Recognition Entrance Control system that is developed by Face-Tek Co. Ltd.
         It is a cutting edge security system that guarantees the safety of the resident families, and combines the classic elegant design of the buildings with the modern technology.

        With Wall Mount Unit as point of access, tenants can easily gain entry via face verification. On the other hand, the system will deny access to unauthorized person and sound an alarm when there are repeated attempts.
       This system also has a function that allows automatic sending of SMS to parents' cell phone when it detects children coming into the building.

          The installation of Face Recognition Entrance Control System will allow the resident families to live in comfort in a completely secured environment.